Interview with Streetfilm’s Clarence Eckerson

Streetfilm's Clarence Eckerson

Clarence Eckerson has spent more than a decade documenting complete street best practices all over the world with Streetfilms. Produced by OpenPlans, a 501c3 non-profit organization, Streetfilms produces educational videos about sustainable mobility and interviews the policy makers, planners, and engineers responsible for creating these […]

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On Why Dockless Bike Share Systems are the Future

Bike share station

Baltimore’s new bike share system was long awaited. Discussions between the city and various vendors had been ongoing for several years, and recently built  downtown cycle tracks indicated political will and ridership momentum for a successful roll out. While ridership had been solid since the […]

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On Being a City Planner in a Room Full of Engineers

Great transportation projects are built through broad, inter-disciplinary cooperation. For major projects, city planners and civil engineers usually work together during project development, with planners setting the scope, vision and major design features and engineers making sure the details work and engineering standards are met. […]

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Improving Dallas Through Small Things

I’m a big fan of the Polis blog.  I haven’t found any other collaborative blog that touches on so many interesting global planning and development issues. An article in their archive compared universal social policies with targeted programs.  Should education, health care, and other human […]

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Music Cities

Nashville has recently become an economic mecca for young professionals looking for jobs out of college, but before its development boom it was mostly known for its music.  Nashville started one of the first major music radio stations in 1925 which featured a live broadcast called the […]

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