The Difference Between Roads and Streets

The difference between roads and streets is often overlooked but important in creating livable cities.  Listen to any Bruce Springsteen song and you’ll probably hear a reference to “the street”. This is often accompanied by stanzas about how he spent a summer building a ’72 Challenger […]

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Shared Mobility and Complete Streets

Uber self-driving car

The American Planning Association recently put out a comprehensive guide on shared mobility. You’re most likely familiar with the concept: Short term access to a mode of transportation on an as-needed basis. Think Zipcar, Uber, bike share, product or food delivery services, and soon, self-driving […]

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How To Sell Complete Streets

I want to give a shout out to Spokane and their excellent North Monroe Corridor Project and website. Rarely do you see this much attention to detail given to making the case for a public project.  People not familiar with basic concepts of complete streets […]

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