To Innovate in the Public Sector, Keep People in Focus

By Ian Sacs Technology is hijacking the mobility industry. In these “go fast and break things” times, it’s all MVP and no VMT. Mayors want an automated shuttle to claim theirs is a smart city. Private companies are rushing in with poorly conceived mobility solutions. Every consultant wants to […]

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Redesigning Bus Networks Can Save Transit Systems

Transit systems have seen massive expansions in the past decade, yet ridership is down across the nation. LA Metro’s system is a great example of the problems plaguing many transit agenices. Despite billions in new light rail investment and adding about 40 rail miles to […]

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The Difference Between Roads and Streets

The difference between roads and streets is often overlooked but important in creating livable cities.  Listen to any Bruce Springsteen song and you’ll probably hear a reference to “the street”. This is often accompanied by stanzas about how he spent a summer building a ’72 Challenger […]

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U.S. Roadways Are Becoming More Dangerous

The title of this post contradicts many articles citing improvements in traffic safety since the 1950s. Yes, fatalities per vehicle miles traveled has declined drastically since people drive more and cars have become safer for their occupants due to seat belts and airbags. Yes, total […]

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8 Years Living Car Free

This is my eighth year living car free. I sold my car on a whim while living in Baltimore in 2010 after a broken water cooler led to an expensive repair on my Prius.  Well, it wasn’t exactly on a whim. I was getting fat […]

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Lessons from South Florida’s Brightline Train

MiamiCentral Station

I recently took the new Brightline (now Virgin Trains) service between Miami and West Palm Beach. Touted as America’s first privately funded high-speed rail service, the first phase of service currently serves downtown Miami, downtown Ft. Lauderdale and downtown West Palm Beach. Expansion plans for […]

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